Wear them alone or multiply them. Choose them rigid and adapt them to your wrist or pick the ones with three notches of closure complete a text or printed pattern ! Or opt for our best sellers with cords like the DEMIE.

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  • LOUNA (smooth) - Bracelet

    Silver bracelet

    Solid sterling silver bracelet - smooth and adjustable with its 100% cotton cord.

    The simple elegance of un chic fou. Play with the colored cords according to your desires. Wear them boldly upside-down, or discreetly underneath. Mix & match them.

    CHF 98.00
  • MONHARMONIE - Bracelet

    Silver bracelet

    Solid sterling silver bracelet - rigid with three adjustable notches.

    Nurture one’s "mind, body and heart" to achieve harmony and attain the perfect balance. A lifetime goal.

    CHF 178.00
  • DEMIE (smooth) - Bracelet

    Gold plated bracelet

    Gold plated bracelet - smooth finish, with its 100% cotton cord.

    Half moon with its colored cord to project your emotions.

    One of un chic fou's best-sellers.

    CHF 89.00
  • SOPHIA - Bracelet

    Silver bracelet

    Solid sterling silver bracelet - rigid with three adjustable notches.

    The braid, we like it in our hair or at a Sunday breakfast table with our family (in Switzerland, the butter braid is a delicious brioche). It assembles, brings together, unites... It is our totem, and we remember Sophia's beautiful braids :)

    CHF 178.00
  • TOI&MOI (plus grand...

    Silver or gold plated bracelet

    Bracelet with solid sterling silver or gold plated plate and suedette leather strap.

    Text: "plus grand que l'univers" (large matt plaque) means "bigger than the universe" in French.

    These pieces of jewelry bear extracts of conversation with loved ones. Inspired by strong emotions, they express the desire to pass these messages on by sharing them with others. They resonate in people’s own history.

    CHF 98.00