Best sellers

  • ABEILLE (Bee) - Ring

    Gold plated ring

    Gold plated ring - adjustable size. 

    The bee, sacred animal, is the second totem animal of the brand. Simply because "everything is good in the bee..."

    CHF 138.00
  • MONA - Earring

    Gold plated earring

    Earring sold by the unit. 

    Gold plated earring brightened with white zircons set by hand on one half of the hoop. We like the fact that it has two sides: one with stones and one without.

    This earring does not require a hole.

    External diameter of 12 mm. 

    The MONA earring is one of our models handmade by a craftsperson.

    CHF 98.00
  • MONHARMONIE - Bracelet

    Silver bracelet

    Solid sterling silver bracelet - rigid with three adjustable notches.

    Nurture one’s "mind, body and heart" to achieve harmony and attain the perfect balance. A lifetime goal.

    CHF 178.00
  • ECLIPSE (smooth) -...

    Gold plated bracelet

    Gold plated bracelet - half rigid (smooth finish), half chain.

    Inspired by our top-selling model: the DEMIE.

    It can be worn with the arch up and the chain underneath or sideways on the wrist.

    CHF 158.00
  • DANIELE - Ring

    Silver ring

    Solid sterling silver ring - adjustable size.

    Ring inspired by sunflowers.

    CHF 138.00
  • E-gift card - 250

    E-gift card

    Offer an e-gift card in just a few clicks. The e-gift card will be sent directly by e-mail to its recipient. 
    The e-gift card is valid for up to one year from the date of purchase.
    CHF 250.00
  • CRISTIANA - Bracelet

    Bracelet silver

    Solid sterling silver bracelet - rigid with three adjustable notches.

    Taking a closer look at the bracelet reveals a zoomed-in kaleidoscope, her favorite object... To never forget that we can always see things from a different point of view. A friendship testimony to Cristiana !

    CHF 198.00
  • CHAÎNE (heart) - Earring

    Gold plated earring

    Earring sold by the unit.

    Gold plated earring.

    We like the rock look of the CHAINE model and its different styling possibilities according to the desired fit.

    CHF 79.00
  • MOBILE (for her) -...

    Silver bracelet

    Solid sterling silver bracelet- adjustable to the wrist with its 100% cotton cord.

    The polished part turns on the brilliant disc underneath, and reminds us of a baby mobile or a watch movement...

    CHF 148.00
  • MINA - Earring

    Gold plated earring

    Earring sold by the unit.

    Gold plated earring, inspired by the moon crescent.

    We like to wear it in several ways : the two petals on the front or the earlobe in between... 

    CHF 98.00
  • MARCIA (baguette) -...

    Silver earring

    Earring sold by the unit.

    Solid sterling silver earring brightened with white zircons set by hand.

    External diameter of 9 mm.

    The MARCIA earring is one of our models handmade by a craftsperson. 

    CHF 98.00
  • TOI&MOI (plus grand...

    Silver or gold plated bracelet

    Bracelet with solid sterling silver or gold plated plate and suedette leather strap.

    Text: "plus grand que l'univers" (large matt plaque) means "bigger than the universe" in French.

    These pieces of jewelry bear extracts of conversation with loved ones. Inspired by strong emotions, they express the desire to pass these messages on by sharing them with others. They resonate in people’s own history.

    CHF 98.00