Fait avec le coeur


Jewelry house since 2011, un chic fou creates refined, original and timeless jewelry in the Leman bassin.

un chic fou designs simple yet singular jewelry for all women. Easy to wear on a daily basis like a second skin which brings a sense of harmony.

Designed by hand with a black pencil to be the true reflection of the emotions inspiring them. Authentic jewelry with a story which invites to travel on the paths of your destiny.

un chic fou is first and foremost a vision of a free life, a witty state of mind, surprising and poetic. A timeless style that she or he can make her/his own to always live with...un chic fou !



Nathalie ROSSEL is born in 1982 and discovers her creative fiber when she is a little girl. Drawings and paintings from when she was 6 years old on can still be found at her place ! As a teenager, she experimented with « collages » of magazine pictures, photos and postcards and started developing her sensibility towards jewelry through drawings of her mother’s jewels.

She drew sketches of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with her lead pencil. She created her brand un chic fou in 2011 and still initiates her collections that way. Daily images and encounters nourish her inspiration.

She wishes to whisper a rhyme that can relate to everyone’s personal history. Her jewelry will call on a moment, a feeling, an emotion dear to its bearer.



Nathalie Rossel uses the best local savoir-faire to give life to her creations. Each piece is designed by hand with a pencil before being produced in the Greater Geneva area.

The solid sterling silver 925/1000 undergoes a rhodium treatment ensuring the best possible resistance to oxidization and a platinum-like finish.