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Maison de création de bijoux depuis 2011, un chic fou crée, dans le Grand Genève, des bijoux fins, originaux et intemporels.

un chic fou crée pour toutes les femmes des bijoux à la fois simples et singuliers, faciles à porter au quotidien, comme une seconde peau avec lesquels on se sent en harmonie. Des bijoux authentiques qui ont une histoire et vous invite au voyage sur les routes de votre destinée


Nathalie ROSSEL is born in 1982 and discovers her creative fiber when she is a little girl.

Drawings and paintings from when she was 6 years old on can still be found at her place ! As a teenager, she experimented with « collages » of magazine pictures, photos and postcards and started developing her sensibility towards jewelry through drawings of her mother’s jewels. She drew sketches of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings with her lead pencil. She created her brand un chic fou in 2011 and still starts her collections that way.


It reflects the finesse, the emotion, the reflexion behind the brand and its creations.

It represents the thinnest crescent of the sun when the shadow of the moon eclipses it. The dot on the « i » symbolizes that perfect moment when the last sun ray shines… It is inspired by the sentence « Before surrendering the day to the night… », which, for Nathalie, evokes the last moment of dusk, when life is cradled by a soft light where anything is possible. On the opposite, one can also see the first rays of dawn when life is reborn.

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